Bitcoin price Drop: Now Is The Best Time to Buy WIX!

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Bitcoin price Drop: Now Is The Best Time to Buy WIX!
     This is for those of you who have been watching the activities in the Crypto Market. You must have realized that there has been a significant quiet sell off of BitCoin. The logical result was for the bitcoin price to drop. Actually a year ago, the same activity happened at almost the same time. A few theories were formed:
  • The first: there is an upcoming BitCoinCash Fork “Split”. And opposing parties creating a bit insecurity in the market.
  • Secondly: the legalization of China owning cryptocurrencies. So, after long period of time Chinese could sell bitcoins.
  • And third: that the Bitcoin price drop is from the big whales, or investors.  This is done in order to manipulate coin holders to dump their coins so that the whales can buy them up at lower rates.
      As a result, the short term holders are set to lose money. Since the intention of the whales is to buy Bitcoin at a low price rate, and sell them at a higher rate in the upcoming season.

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