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Blockchain Summit Dubai

The Blockchain Innovation And Investment Summit (BII SUMMIT)

   The Blockchain Innovation and Investment Summit (BII SUMMIT) is another event where Wixlar participated. The event took place on November 7th 2018 at the Atlantis Hotel, Dubai. Most importantly, Wixlar Group was delighted to be one of the main sponsors of the event, next to so many global leaders in the blockchain field. Names such as, DataXchain, Criptocoinpro, Coinarmy, and Idealcoin.

The event brought to bare many well-experienced speakers, as well as, leaders and CEOs from many different startups. It’s one of the top Blockchain Events in the Middle East, and it is currently the most specialized for Blockchain Investments.

The event attracted hundreds of delegates from Dubai. VIP Investors solidified itself as the top event for Investments. Wixlar Group, as a Partner in the event, was represented by their CEO and Technical Manager. They discussed Blockchain technology and included an additional, full introduction to:

Wixlar Group
The Wixlar coin.
Wixlar’s UAE director was also there. Wixlar Group showed professionalism and integrity to the attendees and investors. Wixlar CEO, CoinArmy CEO, IdealCoin CEO, and Wixlar Technical Manager discussed many upcoming changes to the different applications of blockchain technology, for different areas such as :
Blockchain votingApplications
Artificial intelligence
Decision support systems DSS
Decision making.
Wixlar Group stood out in the crowd by demonstrating a live walk-through of the website. With their 5 physical offices, different services and products, and over 30 events already participated in and/or sponsored, Wixlar showed its commitment to growth. From blockchain events, to sports, fashion, cultural and charity sponsorships, Wixlar is making a name for itself globally.

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