Blockchain conference in Geneva

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Blockchain conference in Geneva:

     The “smile-Expo” Company will be arranging the second blockchain conference in Geneva on October 9, 2018.  The conference will be the gathering point for the best and brightest in the industry.  Well known specialists, developers, crypto gurus, entrepreneurs, representatives of payment systems, lawyers and more, all there to share their insides and concerns with blockchain technology development world wide.

     The conference will also cover crypto market analysis, business solutions, FinTech, blockchain and bitcoin prospects, cutting edge technologies, mining and exchanges.  So much, in fact, listing them here would take all day.

     Wixlar Group will be actively participating in the event, demonstrating their new tech and services, as well as future product development that will be offered to the public as the company continues to grow.

     Wixlar TV will also be there as a Media Partner, covering the highlights, behind the scenes info, and interviews within the VIP room.  One of many events Wixlar will be participating, partnering, and sponsoring over the many months and years ahead.

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The coming weeks will be super exciting with Wixlar’s global tour & we will keep you updated with our latest news.

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