European Blockchain Investment Congress

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European Blockchain Investment Congress 2019

Coming Soon! The European Blockchain Investment Congress 2019!

     February 28th, 2019 marks a three day Blockchain Congress in Vienna, Austria, which is being put on by EBIC.  The event will include content from leading international speakers and panels presenting their cutting edge blockchain technologies to the world.

     The event’s main goal, however, is to highlight some of the challenges ahead facing many key industries.  Industries such as the legal sector, retail, finance, insurance, healthcare and many more.  Just a few of the business models that are quickly being effected as blockchain becomes the standard of privacy, security, and accessibility.

     Cryptocurrencies from several established companies will also be showcased.  This is in order to encourage investment and partnerships within the many industries represented.

     The event will discuss several key points, including how blockchain tech will effect markets from shipping to commerce.  There will also be discussions of case studies concerning the successes and failures of blockchain tech as it is used Within various business models.  The conference will also be discussing security concerns, potential regulation, and much more.

     Therefore, Wixlar’s team will be on the scene, with the CEO on stage and Wixlar TV covering the event.  One more step made towards a very different future.

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