Insane Wireless headphones by Wixlar-“WixiPods”

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Insane Wireless headphones by Wixlar-"WixiPods"

Another Device By Wixlar Group Is Now Ready And Has Begun To Ship!

Insane Wireless headphones by Wixlar-“WixiPods” are now shipping!   Another step forward in the development of Wixlar’s services, shops, and device offerings. Furthermore, these will continue to roll out through 2019 and beyond.
These wireless, Bluetooth devices will be available soon through the Wixlar shop. The Pods are set to spread globally within one month as vendors begin to order and distribute.  Wixlar proves once again it is the new tech company to watch!

Special Features of WixiPods :

You can use these Wireless headphones for communication and listening to music. You can connect these wireless devices to any Android and IOS device. Features include:

Connects to any device within 3 seconds!

Excellent Sound clarity!

Wireless device that has no limitation!

Receive calls within miliseconds!

Breakfree conversation!

Visit Wixlar’s E-shop for more product details. They are offering a competitive price for both whole sellers and customers. Wixlar hopes that you will be happy with their new product and price! Within one month Wixipod will be available throughout the world. This is going to be an epic experience for wireless headphone users.

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