Manca Transport Now Accepting Wixcoin

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Manca Transport now accepting Wixcoin

Manca Transport Now Accepts WIX Coin

     Wixlar Group has been building on their services and reaching out for businesses to partner with Wixlar, allowing their Wixcoin to be used to purchase their partners’ goods and/or services in exchange for global exposure.  Many have already partnered, and many more are on the horizon about to add their services.

     Recently, Manca Transport decided to be one of the companies to join the Wixlar Group “Partner Service.”  Manca Transport Services is a Company that operates out of Cyprus.  Its transport options include: taxi, limousine, mini bus, and bus services that fill the needs for the whole Island.

     What does this mean for Wixlar coin holders?  Manca now accepts Wixcoin as a payment option for its customers.  Visiting Cyprus?  Manca can handle all your transport needs and you can use your coins as cash.  Again, another business sign on, another service provided, and the growth continues.


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