MHD Joins Wixlar Group Partners Service

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Guess who is  added in Wixlar’s new  partners?

Wixlar Group’s “Partners Service” is a unique opportunity for business willing to allow Wixlarcoins as payment for their goods and services.  There are many advantages for these companies to do so, including global exposure as Wixlar continues to promote their services, and their partners’ services, throughout the world.  Events, conferences, e-shops, Wixlar TV, the list goes on when considering the promotional value alone of partnering with Wixlar.

Many companies have already latched onto this great opportunity, and many more are on the way.  One such company is MHD Design & Marketing, offering different marketing strategies and web design option to a global market.  So much to offer, and now accepting Wixlar Coin as payment.

So much growth in so little time…. Wixlar is definitely the one to watch!

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