The Moscow Blockchain Conference- by WIxlar

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The Moscow Blockchain Conference- by WIxlar

Who is partnering With The  Moscow Blockchain conference?

Wixlar Group is the Proud partner! 

The Moscow Blockchain conference will take Place at the Intercontinental, Moscow on the 20th of November 2018. It will feature Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrencies News, and the new types of investment – ICO, ITO and TGE. 
To clarify, The Moscow Blockchain Conference offers Two discussion sections:
  • Fintech & regulation – Blockchain in Fintech and GovTech. ICO from the investors’ and organizers’ perspective. Rules of cryptocurrency trading.
  • Development & marketing – technical aspects of the blockchain. Smart contracts and development features on various blockchain platforms. Marketing of cryptocurrency and blockchain projects are:
*How to promote a product in social media, search engines and media.*
That’s right, yet another event that Wixlar Group, as a Partner, is proud to be a part of. Most importantly, Wixlar TV will be the Media Partner to be broadcasting the highlights. behind the scenes, and interviews of successful business owners visiting Moscow.
Wixlar is planning to follow more international Cryptocurrency/Blockchain events to promote their services and their WIX Coin that comes with Wixlar’s offering of instant transactions with low fees.

 In conclusion:

Wixlar Group, as you have been following, have been working on a daily basis to grow their reputation and services. Currently, they are sponsoring, participating, launching more services, and creating more products with no end in site.
Their focus is to support the whole community and spread their brand and the usability of their WIX Coin.
Something Wixlar will continue to do as the company grows through its services, shops, TV, and partner services.

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