Wixlar CEO guest speaker at ASPIRE!

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Wixlar CEO Guest Speaker At ASPIRE!

Wixlar CEO To Speak At ASPIRE!

   The ASPIRE World Investment Expo is being brought to you from distinctively, one of the finest investment groups, holding itself to the highest standards of unparalleled perfectionism, unprecedented yields, and innovative economic resolutions. 

     On the 26th of January, 2019, this high profile expo will take place within the Expo Centre Sharia (Concord Tower) and will continue for a 2 day period.  The expo will be the centrepiece to showcase new innovative investment opportunities, as well as, share knowledge and experiences through a global partnership.  A celebration of 47+ countries and their companies products and services to potential investors world wide.

     To add to the excitement, Wixlar’s own CEO will be a guest speaker at the event both days, exposing the public to Wixlar’s many services and products.  Wixlar TV, as always, will also be broadcasting the highlights and behind the scenes interviews as a media partner of the event.

Another great event, another great opportunity for Wixlar growth!

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