Wixlar Heads To Africa

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Wixlar heads To Africa

Wixlar Gaining Exposure In Africa

     Over the last few weeks, Wixlar has continued to expand their WIX coin and services globally. In doing so, their Africa campaign has been growing with the help of their reps Mr. Nken in Cameroon, and Mr. Jeremiah in Nigeria, both putting great efforts into exposing Wixlar within Africa.

     In fact, Mr. Jeremiah hosted the first Wixlar blockchain event in Nigeria along with Wixlar coin holders and guests.  An effort that was followed later by Mr. Nken in Cameroon by becoming a guest speaker on one of the country’s most popular radio stations, Sweet FM 88.5.  Here, Mr. Nken discussed the ever growing blockchain technology and Wixlar’s contribution to international financial markets and low fee payment transactions, as well as, its services and products.

     2019 is looking like a bumper year for Wixlar as its Partners Service, E-Shop, products, and other services begin to roll out a new future for the blockchain industry.  An upward climb that seems to be predicted also for blockchain markets in the coming year.

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