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How to join Wixlar partners service?

Wixlar Group is proud to announce the beginning of the “Partners Service.” Apart from their own Services and products, a few of which are already in operation, Wixlar now offers other businesses to partner with them, allowing WIX Coin to be used to pay for their goods and services in exchange for benefits and global exposure. A few partners have already accepted WIX coin as a payment method. A few more applications are on the way, and now is the right time for all the Wixlar community to work together. Help support Wixlar by introducing more individuals or Companies to join the service. 

Companies globally are now starting to accept Wixlar Coin as a payment method. This turn in events will benefit the thousands of people already included, and those yet to join, the Wixlar community.

 How to become a Partner?

Fill the form at the bottom of Partners page on the Wixlar website. And they will call you to explain the benefits of your collaboration. Or send them an email on info@wixlar.com
Partners Service offers Advantages to Individuals and/or Companies that become Wixlar Group partners. They will be exposed to the thousands of people already within the Wixlar Community as well as those yet to come.
Wixlar offers partnership Companies 8 benefits in partnering together with them. So join Wixlar Partners Service become a part of this Crytocurrency leader’s community.

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