Wixlar Partners With Smile-Expo

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Wixlar Partners With Smile-Expo In Prague!

     Smile-Expo will hold its annual blockchain conference on March 22, 2019, within the Czech Republic, Prague.

     The Expo’s main focus is on Czech and foreign projects implementing blockchain technology.  Experts from governmental institutions, banking, trading, healthcare, media, and other industries will be discussing the use of blockchain within their fields of expertise.  Several IT developers, entrepreneurs, investors, software and hardware manufacturers will also be represented, all speaking of upcoming technologies and innovative products that will soon be released to the public.

     Wixlar Group has partnered with the conference and will be exposing the world to their services and devices already on the market as well as those yet to come.  And, as always, Wixlar TV will be covering the event with interviews and back stage highlights.  Another step on the way to building the future of blockchain.

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