Wixlar Releases The WIXI-Power20K

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The New WIXI-Power20K

Wixlar Releases The WIXI-Power20K!

     Wixlar releases yet another product that you will be able to purchase using their WIX coins.  One of 7 products being released.  What is it?  It’s the WIXI-Power20K unit.  This unit is a portable, state of the art power bank used to recharge mobile phones, both Android and Apple.  This portable charger can recharge your cell phone 8-10 times before needing to be recharged itself.  An LED smart indicator always informs you of the percentage of battery remaining. 

     The WIXI-Power20K can store 20,000 MAH of energy, which is considerably more than similar power banks on the market.  Another reason to buy considering the bang for the buck.

     Currently, the WIXI-Power20K is being sold by SOUQ UAE, an Amazon.com company operating within the Middle East.  This is the first stop only, as licensing agreements with merchants world wide are already in the works.

     Check out the device here:  https://uae.souq.com/ae-en/power-bank-wixi-power20k-20000-mah-fast-charging-with-lcd-display-and-3-usb-ports-42120710/i/

     Any Wlxalr product can be bought with WIX coins, but international orders of the WIXI-Power20K unit are subject to at least 2 devices per order.

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