Wixlar Team Headed To The European Blockchain Investment Congress EBIC2019

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Wixlar Team at the European Blockchain Investment Congress EBIC2019

The Wixlar Team Is Headed To The European Blockchain Investment Congress EBIC2019!

     Vienna, Austria, February 28th, 2019… that’s where a 3 day long, top level congress, organized by the EBIC, will be in full swing.  The event will include content from leading brands in the blockchain industry, international speakers, and presentations of cutting edge technologies.

     Key industries such as government, retail, financial, insurance and many others will be discussing the challenges moving forward within a blockchain driven system of operations.  A system that is fast approaching and for all intense and purposes, already here.

     Another main focus is to unite leading cryptocurrencies with investors from all of these various sectors and discuss the questions of:

  1. How blockchain models affect markets from shipping to commerce.
  2. Case studies from companies across industries to see where blockchain works or fails.
  3. Discuss advertising implications, security concerns, and potential regulations.
  4. See how blockchain tech can move development forward, removing inefficient systems and processes across organizations.

     Wixlar continues to attend these events, produce services and devices while promoting their brand and increasing their worldwide presence.  They also have much more coming in the next few months, from events to service releases,… so stay tuned!

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